Starting with this edition of the ICMERA 2020 international conference (, in addition to supporting the research works, a contest session for both soft and hard experimental creations will be organised. 

The best works will be awarded in cash (three prizes will be awarded, and the amount will be established depending on the number of participants and the number of registered works). 

The topic of the conference and the competition session will focus mainly on Artificial Interligence applied in the fields of aeronautics, astronautics, robotics, manufacturing systems, mechanical engineering, bioengineering, materials technology, unconventional energies and neurorehabilitation.

The deadline for submitting research papers on the easychair website is September 20 for the initial version and September 30 for the final version, after review. 

The participation cost is 200 euros for each submitted work and 40 euros for each experimental model proposal or software application registered in the competition session. We specify that for the competition session- a poster containing the essential elements of the application will be necessary in the end, the poster model will be established later, as well as the presentation of the physical model. For the experiment it will be possible to accept both the practical demonstration and the demonstration films where the experimental demonstration will not be able to be realized in the conditions offered by the conference organizers. The registration of the experimental model in the session-contest will be made after its effective practical realization.

We hope for a better participation with the hope that in this variant of organization we will be able to support the best applications and models that will be made.